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R.I.P. to Southend CWU Legend Mick Pottinger

Today we say goodbye to the legend Mick Pottinger, one of the biggest influences on me in my life. Mick you were the ‘Union’ at Southend, well respected, a real friend and a true gent. R.I.P

– John Hunt, CWU Essex Branch Secretary


Below is a link to the pilot of the CWU’s brand-new Podcast show. Redesign is the subject matter for this Podcast to both ensure branches get as much information as possible on the project and also to give our Communications team as much experience as possible on producing an episode before we move onto wider subject matters.

Future episodes will cover the world of work, politics, sport and of course, trade unions with a fantastic list of high profile guests and contributors lined up to participate.  This will be another excellent media platform to engage with our members and a wider audience on the policies and views of the CWU.


Shorter Working Week Introduction in DO’s

contained within the 2018 Guiding Principles Agreement is reference to the reduction of the working week by one hour from October 2018, which for Delivery units was contained within both Sections 15.3 and 16.1.1. In order to ensure that the one hour reduction is introduced in Delivery Units we have now agreed a joint statement relating to this issue with Royal Mail (more…)

Royal Mail Group Total Ban on ‘Hands-Free’ Use Whilst Driving

Royal Mail Group have approved the proposal to prohibit the use of mobile devices, including ‘hands-free’ whilst driving.  The policy change will apply to anybody driving for Royal Mail regardless of role or rank within the business and will include all vehicles including cars.  The new policy takes effect from Monday 18th June. (more…)

Royal Mail’s Financial Results 2017/18

On 17th May Royal Mail published its financial results for the year ending 25th March 2018.

Overall the results showed that our members have again helped to deliver another solid performance against a difficult commercial backdrop. Group revenue is now over £10 billion for the first time, while adjusted operating profit before transformation costs were up 1% to £674 million.

In UKPIL revenue was unchanged – parcel revenue grew by 4%, while total letter revenue fell by 4%. UK parcel volume and revenue growth rates are expected to be at least the same in 2019.

Royal Mail Save As You Earn Scheme (SAYE) 2014

Employees in the SAYE 2014 Scheme have the option to convert their savings into Royal Mail shares at a discounted price of 360p. Those who wish to exercise this option could benefit financially by £1,121 (while the share price is around 550p). After the 31st May 2018, the option to acquire shares at a discounted rate will lapse and the savings will be repaid. (more…)

A message to Members – Videos from Terry Pullinger & Sue Whalley

See below a series of short videos from Terry Pullinger & Sue Whalley about the recently accepted Four Pillars & Pay Agreement. (more…)

Terry Pullinger – Ballot Result Video Update

Pay & Four Pillars National Ballot Result

I am pleased to announce that CWU members have returned a resounding YES vote on the Pay and Four Pillars Agreement negotiated with the employer Royal Mail Group.

The result of the Ballot, as certified by the independent Scrutineer, is attached and is as follows:-

Result    No. Votes      % of Valid Vote
YES        56,177           90.1%
NO          6,167             9.9% 

We would like to thank our CWU Representatives at all levels and our Branches for the outstanding work they have carried out throughout this campaign which has enabled us to achieve this historical Agreement which will change the future and afford our members employment, standard of living and retirement security.

Pay & Four Pillars Agreement – Ballot

You will shortly receive, in the post, your ballot paper on whether to accept or reject the recently negotiated Pay & 4 Pillars National Agreement. The ballot will close on Wednesday 28th March 2018.

Your Branch Officials have considered the Pay & 4 Pillars proposed agreement and are recommending that you vote YES to accept it. (more…)