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Video update from Terry Pullinger (DGSP)


📽️VITAL UPDATE FROM DGSP TERRY PULLINGER ON ROYAL MAIL TALKS📽️This video is longer than normal as Terry gives members positive news on progress and faces some of your concerns head on.Your support has got us in this position. Your support will get us over the line.#RiseUp 🦁

Posted by The Communications Union on Freitag, 12. Januar 2018

Update on Talks

Today we were advised by the the Union’s National Officers that substantial progress has been made on all the 4 Pillars issues.

The progress is now sufficient enough to start drafting the words of a potential agreement. Anyone who has been involved in negotiations before will know that agreeing a set of words which both parties are content with is often more difficult than agreeing the principles of an agreement.

Additionally our National Officers are aware that Royal Mail have to also agree to resolve the problems of resourcing and changing the culture within the workplace.

This has been even more highlighted since Christmas where a combination of high vacancy levels, high sick leave and the limits of the working time Directive Agreement has led to an increase in the use of casuals, more managers on delivery, work rolling from one day to the next and an increase in unfair treatment of staff.

The CWU are meeting Royal Mail over the next 3 days to concentrate on getting a solution on resourcing and culture. Further talks are planned for next week.

Real detail on the issues cannot be provided at this point as the Union’s principle remains that nothing is agreed until we have an agreement on all the issues, however we can confirm that on all the following, substantial progress has been made and the following principles established:

One pension scheme and an agreed Wage in Retirement scheme will be in place and if needed, transitional arrangements.

Progress on pay which is based on a percentage increase flowing through to all pay and allowances. This will be for a two year period.

Talks on extending the legal guarantees are on-going but progress has been made.

Shorter Working Week, an hour off and a timeline for 35 hours per week still to be finalised.

Pipeline – Real progress has been made on the Pipeline. If you analyse Royal Mail’s original Pipeline proposals of a 9-5 duty then the current position of the negotiations is a world away from what Royal Mail originally proposed. .

In fact talks have progressed to such an extent where we believe if there is an agreement that members concerns over significant later finishes will be largely allayed.

We realise that Members and Reps are frustrated that they do not have the full details of all the issues, however we will endeavour to update you further when we get further information.

It is clear that progress has only been made because of your support.

Finally remember you will get the final say on any agreement by the way of an individual member vote.

In the meantime our National Officers need our continued support whilst in the negotiations.


The CWU’s Pay and Four Pillars Campaign has successfully united the membership and galvanized the Union around our progressive agenda aimed at delivering decent employment, standard of living and retirement security.

On Thursday 19th December 2017, the Postal Executive received a comprehensive report from the CWU’s negotiating team updating them on the status of the talks. An Executive summary of the latest position has been provided to our Senior Field Officials and will be circulated to Branches in due course. In addition, the Deputy General Secretary (Postal) has produced a new video providing a further progress report on the latest talks with the business which can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Further talks with the business have continued this week and will resume straight after the New Year to try to secure a settlement. While the tremendous ballot result has clearly shifted the employer’s position over recent weeks, we have made it clear that talks can’t continue indefinitely and we must look to conclude a final agreement early in 2018 that delivers the best possible deal for members.

The next Postal Executive is scheduled for Tuesday 9 th January 2018 where the Executive will receive a report on the talks early in the New Year, decide whether enough progress has been made and determine whether we serve notice for Industrial Action.

Finally, as this is the last Bulletin of 2017, the Postal Department would like to sincerely thank all our Officers, Representatives and members for all their hard work and the support they have shown the Union to date and wish all our members and their families a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.



On Friday 1st December the CWU received a copy of the Final Report by the External Mediator, Lynette Harris, relating to our ongoing dispute around Pay and the Four Pillars of Security. A copy of the Final Report is attached for your information.

DGSP Terry Pullinger responds to Royal Mail Half-Year results



At 6pm on Friday the 6th October, the Union received two separate letters from Royal Mail’s solicitors stating they would be seeking an interim injunction to stop the Industrial Action notified to the employer for strike action to take place next week. (more…)

Strke Dates Announcement Clarification

The result of the CWU’s ballot represents a massive vote of support for the CWU’s Pillars of Security campaign and a vote of no confidence in Royal Mail management. Sincere thanks to every CWU Representative, Officer and member who helped to deliver this historic and resounding result. (more…)

Strike Dates Announced 19th October for 48hrs

Following the result of the recent Industrial Action ballot the Union’s Postal Executive has decided to issue strike dates to the employer. The date & time is 11:00am on 19th October and will last for 48 hours. This will also include Parcel force. The exact timings and shifts affected for all functions will be conveyed closer to the date.