• Equality in the Workplace

    Disability, sexual & racial discrimination. Together we can tackle inequality!
  • A Priority on Safety at Work

    Ensuring a high profile on all health & safety issues with trained workplace Union Safety Representatives!
  • Together We Stand

    The Strength of the union is in it’s members. The stronger the union, the stronger the voice!
  • Free Legal Protection

    Providing a range of legal services to you and your family. Totally FREE to CWU members!
  • Member Only Benefits

    Providing exclusive money saving opportunities and a range of discounted service deals!

Royal Mail Fleet Agreement

A revised offer has been received from Royal Mail Fleet which the Postal Executive is recommending for acceptance in an individual member ballot of RM Motor Transport Grade members. A video explaining the offer in full can be viewed here. (more…)

CWU Members Get £5,000 Free Accidental Death Cover

Our number one priority will always be to represent you in your workplace. Member benefits have always been an added bonus and will remain so in the future. As such we wanted to make sure that all members were aware of the £5,000 Free Accidental Death Cover that we have negotiated with Union Insurance Services on your behalf.

Click here to find out more about this CWU member benefit.

Handbrake Safety & Avoiding Vehicle Roll Away Accidents

Following the continued problem of Royal Mail vehicles rolling away, with a worrying number over recent months, the attached Safety (SHE) Alert has been produced by the Royal Mail Safety Health & Environment (SHE) Team for immediate communication to all drivers in all offices. (more…)

Attendance Agreement Contact Strategy

We have been challenging the business to ensure the Attendance Agreement is applied correctly. There have been particular concerns about misuse of the contact strategy, which has included use of unagreed contact letters. (more…)

Alcohol & Drugs & Morning After Effect

The Department for Transport (DfT) statistics show that ‘morning after’ drink driving offences now account for 20% of all drink-driving offences. The figures suggest that the basic warnings concerning drink-driving aren’t always being heeded. People think that going to bed is the same as pressing a reset button but it’s not! Research from ‘Brake’ the road safety charity and the ‘Think!’ anti-drink-driving campaign supports this and report that around 5500 people are failing breath tests between 6am and midday every year. (more…)

CWU Equality Conferences 2019

The following dates and venues have now been agreed by the NEC for the Equality Conferences on January/February:

  • Black Workers Conference – 23rd January 2019 – Birmingham & District Branch Office
  • Disability Conference – 24th January 2019 – Birmingham & District Branch Office
  • Women’s Conference – 6th February 2019 – Liner Hotel, Liverpool
  • LGBT Conference – 7th February 2019 – Liner Hotel, Liverpool

R.I.P. to Southend CWU Legend Mick Pottinger

Today we say goodbye to the legend Mick Pottinger, one of the biggest influences on me in my life. Mick you were the ‘Union’ at Southend, well respected, a real friend and a true gent. R.I.P

– John Hunt, CWU Essex Branch Secretary


Below is a link to the pilot of the CWU’s brand-new Podcast show. Redesign is the subject matter for this Podcast to both ensure branches get as much information as possible on the project and also to give our Communications team as much experience as possible on producing an episode before we move onto wider subject matters.

Future episodes will cover the world of work, politics, sport and of course, trade unions with a fantastic list of high profile guests and contributors lined up to participate.  This will be another excellent media platform to engage with our members and a wider audience on the policies and views of the CWU.


Shorter Working Week Introduction in DO’s

contained within the 2018 Guiding Principles Agreement is reference to the reduction of the working week by one hour from October 2018, which for Delivery units was contained within both Sections 15.3 and 16.1.1. In order to ensure that the one hour reduction is introduced in Delivery Units we have now agreed a joint statement relating to this issue with Royal Mail (more…)