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Terry Pullinger – Ballot Result Video Update

Pay & Four Pillars National Ballot Result

I am pleased to announce that CWU members have returned a resounding YES vote on the Pay and Four Pillars Agreement negotiated with the employer Royal Mail Group.

The result of the Ballot, as certified by the independent Scrutineer, is attached and is as follows:-

Result    No. Votes      % of Valid Vote
YES        56,177           90.1%
NO          6,167             9.9% 

We would like to thank our CWU Representatives at all levels and our Branches for the outstanding work they have carried out throughout this campaign which has enabled us to achieve this historical Agreement which will change the future and afford our members employment, standard of living and retirement security.

Pay & Four Pillars Agreement – Ballot

You will shortly receive, in the post, your ballot paper on whether to accept or reject the recently negotiated Pay & 4 Pillars National Agreement. The ballot will close on Wednesday 28th March 2018.

Your Branch Officials have considered the Pay & 4 Pillars proposed agreement and are recommending that you vote YES to accept it. (more…)

Pension Forms Explained

This sets out some basic guidance to members on the pension forms recently sent out by Royal Mail in their Pension Booklet.

Current RMPP Members

You will be a member of the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP) if you joined Royal Mail and joined the pension scheme before 1st April 2008. All current members of the RMPP will be automatically transferred into the new Defined Benefit Cash Balance Scheme (DBCBS) from 1st April 2018. No form needs to be completed.

Current RMDCP Members (with 5 years’ service in the Scheme)

You will be a member of the Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan (RMDCP) if you joined Royal Mail and joined the pension scheme after 1st April 2008. All current RMDCP members with 5 years or more service (one year in the nursery scheme and four years in the DC Scheme) can join the new Defined Benefit Cash Balance Scheme (DBCBS) from 1st April 2018. To do this they need to complete and return the form titled ‘Joining the Defined Benefit Cash Balance Scheme’.

Current RMDCP Members (with less than 5 years’ service in the Scheme)

All current RMDCP members with less than 5 years’ service in the DC Scheme will automatically move to a new top tier of the DC Scheme where employees will contribute 6% and the employer 10%. No form needs to be completed. Once the new Collected Defined Contribution (CDC) Scheme is introduced, all RMPP and RMDCP members will automatically transfer into the new scheme.

CWU Live Facebook Q&A session (6PM 5th/6th March)

CWUHQ will be broadcasting a live Facebook Q&A session on Monday 5th March @ 6pm in which Mark Baulch & Davie Robertson will be answering questions on the Pipeline pillar of the 4 Pillars agreement. This can be viewed on the following link; https://www.facebook.com/events/1786838974950432/

Additional to the above Q&A session, a further one will be held on Tuesday 6th March @ 6PM. Terry Pullinger will answering questions on the agreement itself with Ray Ellis taking questions on Pension related matters. This can be viewed on the following link; https://www.facebook.com/events/158524338196292/

Delivering Security In Retirement For All

A central theme of the CWU’s Four Pillars & Pay campaign was to provide all of our members with dignity and security in retirement. As a result of our successful campaign, the Negotiators’ Agreement between the CWU and Royal Mail Group now provides for the introduction of a single new pension scheme for all. (more…)

Agreement Reached on the Four Pillars


On Wednesday 31st January 2018 the CWU’s Postal Executive unanimously endorsed the terms of the Agreement reached with Royal Mail Group in pursuit of our Pay and Four Pillars of Security campaign.

The Agreement will now be put to a membership ballot with a recommendation from the Postal Executive to Accept. The deal represents a successful outcome following months of difficult and protracted talks with the business and stands as a powerful testament to the CWU’s workplace organisation and industrial strength. (more…)