Accident Benefit Scheme

The vast majority of our members are covered by a Personal Accident Benefit Scheme against risks of accidents that result in death or physical disability. The Schemes vary depending on which business the member is employed in. The Employer funds the Schemes.

Postal Members

To qualify for payment under the schemes you must:

1) Register the accident with the Benefits Agency as an Industrial Injury.

2) Ask your local branch official to ensure that all relevant details are sent to us immediately as the Insurance Company/Administrators of the Scheme must be notified within 6 MONTHS of the date of the accident.

3) Apply to the Benefits Agency for disablement benefit if you are still suffering the effects of your injuries 15 weeks after the date of the accident. Member will be medically examined and injuries assessed by the Benefits Agency medical officers. A Notice of Assessment stating the nature of the injuries will be issued with the extent of the injuries/disability expressed as a percentage.

4) When the notice of assessment is received, it must be forwarded to the Legal Services Department e.g. PROVISIONAL, LIFE and FINAL.

How Payments are Assessed

All the Schemes within the Postal Businesses operate on the same principle. Payments are made depending on the extent of the member’s injuries/disability and are calculated based on the percentage assessment of the injury as stated on the Notice of Assessment from the Benefits Agency hence the need to lodge the accident with the Benefits Agency. In all cases the Post Office will make the final decision and if they disagree with the medical evidence/Benefits Agency Assessment, they will exercise their right to adjust any payment accordingly.

The maximum payment available under the scheme operated by Consignia is £31,000 and payment will vary depending on the level of the Benefits Agency Assessment.

Payments are made to claimants on production of a life assessment, and an interim payment can be made for claimants who are in receipt of a two-year provisional assessment. Life assessment payments are calculated as follows: – e.g. a 10% assessment equals £3,100, 20% assessment would equal £6,200.

Telecom Members

BT Members are covered on a 24 hour basis for injuries sustained whilst on and off duty. The scheme is presently operated by Zurich Insurance and claims need to be lodged with them within two years of the date of the accident.

A claimant has to obtain their own medical evidence, usually in the form of a Consultant’s report, which is submitted to the insurance company. The insurance company’s medical advisers make an assessment and a payment is awarded depending on the extent of the member’s permanent injuries.

Payments are based on a maximum threshold of four times basic salary, set at a minimum of £10,000 per annum.
Tony Rupa
Head of Legal Services

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