Bullying & Harassment

This is inappropriate and unwanted behaviour that affects people’s dignity. What behaviour may be acceptable to one person may not be acceptable to another. You have the right to ask the person to leave you alone or stop behaving in that manner. Ultimately if you are the perpetrator and you continue to behave in this manner, you can lose your job.There is no room to appease the bullies. We have seen previous tragic scenarios, which arose directly out of bullying incidents at work and our members MUST have confidence in the CWU that when they come to report an allegation of bullying and harassment they know we will take it very seriously. The CWU believes that every worker should be treated with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate harassment, bullying or discrimination – wherever it comes from. We aim to do all we can to ensure our workplaces are free from the misery caused by harassment and that all workers can expect to be treated with dignity and respect.


Harassment is any conduct or behaviour which is unwanted, unwelcome, offensive and unreciprocated related to: Sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief, age, or any personal characteristics.

  • Un-welcomed sexual advances, propositions, demands for sexual favours
  • Un-welcomed comments about dress appearance
  • Displaying offensive material, pornographic pictures
  • Pin ups and calendars, including electronic forms
  • Asking intimate questions about people
  • Name calling, jokes, offensive language mocking
  • Exclusion from workplace social activities
  • Making stereotypical assumptions
  • Isolating people