Criminal Injury

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is a Government funded Scheme which compensates victims of crimes of violence. All claims with the exception of those in Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are dealt by the Legal Services Department. We support all such claims by members and their dependants. We do not pursue claims against alleged assailants through the Courts.

The Scheme covers cases of murder, manslaughter, assault, robberies, personal injury from acts of arson, rape, muggings etc.

The Scheme is administered by a body known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The appointed Chairman is of wide legal experience and the other members of the Board are also legally/medically qualified.

The Board will consider applications in cases where:

1) Injury is bad enough to qualify for the minimum compensation presently £1,000.00.

2) There has been an appreciable degree of injury directly attributable to a criminal offence involving the use of force or an attempt by the victim acting as a member of the public to apprehend a criminal.

3) The circumstances of the injury have been reported promptly to the police.

4) The applicant is prepared to submit to a medical examination as directed by the Board.

5) Motoring offences are excluded – except where the vehicle has been used as a weapon i.e., a deliberate attempt to run the victim down.

6) Where the injury proves fatal, the dependants may be eligible to claim.

7) You did not contribute to the attack/incident. All claims must be submitted within two years of the date of the incident, giving rise to the injury. Levels of compensation are assessed on a tariff basis, details of which are contained within the Guide to the Scheme which is available from the Legal Services Department.
Tony Rupa
Head of Legal Services

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