Damaged Vehicles

Members who are involved in road traffic accidents off duty who are covered by either comprehensive or third party policies can receive assistance.

Cases of this nature are dealt with in-house. If the member is comprehensively insured, the cost of the repairs to his/her vehicle are proper to be dealt with by their own insurance company under the terms of their policy and we endeavour to recover any excess together with out-of-pocket expenses provided the necessary receipts are supplied.

Members who are covered for third Party fire & Theft Only, should obtain two estimates for vehicle repair and these will be submitted to the third Party’s Insurance company to arrange an inspection of the vehicle.

*In cases where the member does not accept an offer negotiated by the Union, then they are advised to take up their case with an Insurance Arbiter this is done by the member) and the Union is no longer involved.

*If the Insurance Company deny liability, as no personal injuries were sustained in the accident, the Union does not issue proceedings.