Driver Protection

Under the terms of the above scheme, the Union will assist members with prosecution for breaches of the Road Traffic Act whilst driving official vehicles.

If a plea of guilty is advised, then no representation is provided. (Although written assistance can be given with a plea of mitigation).

If the member is informed by a Solicitor that a “not guilty” plea should be entered, it is essential that the solicitor contacts the Legal Services Department by phone or correspondence explaining why such advice has been offered, in order that consideration may be given to instructing the solicitor to represent our member in Court.

The Scheme does not cover the following:

1) Speeding offences
2) Driving under the influence of alcohol
3) Drug related charges
4) Infringement of seat belt laws
5)  Infringement of mobile phone laws

*When Notices of Fines are received members should apply to the Employer for assistance.