Industrial Disease

Where members are diagnosed as having one of the prescribed industrial diseases accepted by the DSS, the condition should be registered with the DSS and when accepted, a claim for disablement benefit should be made.

It is necessary for the exact disease to be diagnosed i.e., if a member is diagnosed as suffering from “tenosynovitis”, then a claim in respect of prescribed industrial disease A8 should be submitted. However, if the member is diagnosed as having for example, tennis elbow or general R.S.I., a claim is unlikely to be accepted. Whilst it is sometimes difficult for our members to satisfy the DSS regulations so far as occupational deafness is concerned, nevertheless members should be advised to read leaflet N1 207 obtainable from the local DSS office, to see whether they do meet the criteria laid down in the rules on such claims.

Consideration will be given to all claims and the necessary claim form should be submitted to Legal Services Department.
Tony Rupa
Head of Legal Services

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