Shorter Working Week Introduction in DO’s

contained within the 2018 Guiding Principles Agreement is reference to the reduction of the working week by one hour from October 2018, which for Delivery units was contained within both Sections 15.3 and 16.1.1. In order to ensure that the one hour reduction is introduced in Delivery Units we have now agreed a joint statement relating to this issue with Royal Mail.

In line with the above Royal Mail have used the data from IWT / PDA OA (Indoor Workload Tool / PDA Outdoor Actuals) nationally to provide centrally compiled data and to also ensure an element of joint control is in place ensuring that the one hour reduction is achieved in all units. As a result of the work relating to changes to start times for the enhanced LAT product the number of Delivery offices has been significantly mitigated, these Offices will also be able to use the introduction of the SWW to assist with the overall impact.

Where this is unable to be achieved, then both parties will agree the necessary actions required to ensure that the reduction in the working week is implemented.

As such, each Delivery Office has been placed into one of the three categories below using the centrally generated data showing how the one hour reduction should be achieved.

1. The Unit does not currently operate with Longs and Shorts within  the duty structure, as such the plan is for those units to remove on Monday by 15 minutes, Tuesday 30 minutes and Saturday 15 minutes.

2. The Unit currently has the opportunity to reduce indoor workload; as such the plan will be for units to remove 12 minutes a day which will be from the IPS/Prep plans.

3. The Unit does not fall into the above categories and will have a removal of 6 minutes from the Indoor plan and 6 minutes from the Outdoor plan per day.

We have agreed it should not be necessary for full scale revisions to ensure the reduction of the hour; however it is recognised that adjustments can be made based on local knowledge and through local variations to the working days across the week taking into account the variations in attendance patterns.

In the first instance, the centrally derived categorisation will be shared with RM Delivery Leader’s & CWU Divisional Representative’s. This data will then be jointly shared with the RM Operations Manager and CWU Area Delivery Reps in order to oversee the activity within their respective areas.

We have agreed that the process will commence as soon as possible and with a target completion date of Friday 29th June. The work needs to be concluded by this date in order to provide 3 months notice of any attendance time changes to individuals, which is in line with the National agreement in regards to the LAT product impact.

We have also agreed within the joint statement that there will be signed agreements in place for all units on what has been agreed and that these will be forwarded to the respective Operations Manager and Area Rep.

Where either party is unable to agree, the matter will be progressed and resolved by means of the IR Framework as soon as possible, as we want to ensure that all Units have plans in place to introduce the one hour reduction from October 2018 in order to achieve compliance with the Agreement, but more importantly we progress onto the wider discussions with Royal Mail on the New Delivery Agreement in line with section 19.3 of the Guiding Principles National Agreement including further reductions to the working week.