Strke Dates Announcement Clarification

The result of the CWU’s ballot represents a massive vote of support for the CWU’s Pillars of Security campaign and a vote of no confidence in Royal Mail management. Sincere thanks to every CWU Representative, Officer and member who helped to deliver this historic and resounding result.
In light of the huge turnout in the Union’s Industrial Action Ballot and the massive YES vote, the CWU’s Postal Executive have now authorised the following days of strike action:

The strike will cover all duties, scheduled attendance and overtime commencing between the period at or after 11:00 am on Thursday 19th October 2017 and before 11:00 am on Saturday 21st October 2017. 

To clarify this means if your duty, SA or overtime starts before 11:00 am on Thursday 19th October 2017 you should attend work and complete your duty. If your duty, SA or overtime starts after 11:00 am on Thursday 19th October 2017 you are on strike. Similarly, if your duty, SA or overtime starts at or after 11:00 am on Saturday 21st October 2017 you should work normally. If you require any further clarification please speak to your Branch Secretary in the first instance.

At this critical point in the dispute, it is clear that Royal Mail have chosen to ignore the overwhelming voice of its employees and use all legal avenues to stop the Union exercising our democratic right to take action in defence of our members and this great public service. It is therefore vital that we hold our nerve and remain determined to deal with whatever obstacles and legal challenges are put in our way.

Due to the necessity in line with the law of putting a commencement time on the Industrial Action we may have overlaps of duties who are on strike when everyone else is working or they are working when everyone is striking, we will just have to do our best in those situations.

Remember when an office is out on strike action no overtime or SA should be worked. If you are offered any overtime to cover another unit, check with your Rep first before volunteering for overtime. Management may offer overtime to people who start after 11:00 on 19 October to bring them in early, please advise these individuals that at 11:00 they should commence their strike.

You may have heard about Royal Mail’s threat of obtaining a court injunction. The CWU are going to argue that Royal Mail have taken executive action on closing the DB Pension Scheme and broken the Agenda for Growth Agreement and that there has been external mediation during the talks and that this has been led by Peter Harwood, the ex head conciliator of ACAS, and the union has got a letter from Royal Mail stating that they did not need to use ACAS within the negotiations.

However, it will be for the judge to decide if it goes to court whether or not an injunction is awarded.  Our message to Royal Mail is:  YOU WON’T SETTLE THIS DISPUTE IN COURT.  YOU NEED TO GET REAL AND GET MOYA GREENE, SUE WHALLEY AND STEVE CAMERON INTO THE NEGOTIATIONS INSTEAD OF DESTROYING THE TALKS FROM INSIDE ROYAL MAIL HEADQUARTERS.

However, until we know any different, the strike is on.

We are therefore calling all CWU members to take strike action on the days the CWU have announced.

Remember, if you are not in the CWU then you can legally take strike action without any comebacks. (We would encourage you to join the CWU).

Additionally, management cannot bully, harass or treat unfavourably any individual who is taking legal balloted strike action. If any Manager attempts to do this report it to your Rep and we will consider whether we take action in line with the law.

Now is the time to stick together and fight for a better agreement. Rise up and support the strike action.